JEFF MARTIN がお亡くなりになりました。

レーザーのアイコン的存在で1974年からレーザー界を引っぱってきたJEFF MARTIN が亡くなりました。

3月にシンガポールでの (アジアパシフィックから独立後初大会)第一回レーザーアジア選手権、7月には境港ワールドとJEFFと連携しながら準備を進めていた矢先で大きな痛手です。



Jeff Martinがレーザーの国際的地位と継続的な成功に果たした功績は計り知れません。時あたかもILCAは昨年9月、レーザークラスの「名誉の殿堂」を設立し、Jeff MartinとPeter Siedenburgの二人を最初の就任会員として発表したばかりです。

さようならJeff Martin

木村 治愛

写真 : 鏡割りの前にジアイさんのアドバイスを聞くジェフ(唐津 4.7ワールドにて)

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ILCA is shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Jeff Martin on 11 January 2019 while on a ski holiday with family and friends.

“Jeff’s dedication to the sport of sailing was unparalleled, having served as the Executive Secretary of the International Laser Class Association for 40 years. Jeff was a cornerstone of Laser events, having worked at every Laser Open World Championship except the first one in 1974 where he was a competitor.

“The loss of Jeff Martin will be keenly felt throughout the sailing world and our deepest condolences go out to Jeff’sfamily and friends.・

Last September, Mr Martin was inducted into the Laser Class Hall of Fame which recognises individuals who have contributed significantly to the Laser’s international standing.

At the announcement in Ireland, Andy Roy, North American Laser Class President, stated: on behalf of the ILCA World Council we are extremely pleased to be recognising these outstanding contributors to the Laser Class.

“I’s also proud this evening to be presenting directly to two of the inaugural inductees, Jeff Martin and Peter Seidenberg.

“I’ve known both gentlemen since the 1970s, and it’s great to be recognising their significant contributions to the Laser.”